Self Employed Loans

Working for yourself but finding it hard to get the right loan?
Running your own business successfully, but can’t supply the documents a lender wants?
Self employed and want real finance options?

Money Warehouse can find the right loan for you!

Working for yourself or running your own business is challenging – especially when looking for finance. One of the main sources of frustration is the document and paperwork requirements of most lenders are based on you being employed by someone else… not self-employed. Sometimes your own paperwork is neglected because you are concentrating on making your business stronger.

Talk to us about the range of ‘Lo Doc’ self employed loans and the lenders who are ready to work with you. Or better still, let us advise you on how to put together your paperwork and make it easier to get your loan application approved. Our advice can mean more finance options and quicker results for you. You’ve taken a big step in working for yourself and putting your future in your own hands – so now find the best loans at the best rates to move ahead quicker.

There are self employed loans for different circumstances. Here are some examples:

  • You may need an Owner Occupier Home Loan
  • Changing business situations or a better credit rating may lead you to refinancing.
  • Your business has set you up for Property Investment.
  • You are looking for a Business Loan to expand
  • Your situation requires a Special Purpose Loan.

Being self-employed should not keep you from getting the finance you need… no matter what you need, Money Warehouse will make it EASIER.

Contact us and we can talk about self employed loans from $20,000 to $2 million. Borrow up to 80% of the value of your property without paying a premium on the current best rates available – and receive fast approval. With a wide range of loans you can choose from a variety of flexible rates, paying principal and interest or interest only for up to ten years. Convert all or part of your loan to fixed interest at any time for no additional cost and enjoy a redraw option online or over the phone. There are also provisions for 100% mortgage offset on standard loans for additional flexibility. These loans are specifically designed for the self-employed with maximum flexibility!

You may wonder why we are passionate about finding the best loans for the self-employed. The reason is: we are self employed ourselves! At Money Warehouse we have created a solid business and seen the financial restraints you need to overcome. Let’s do it together!

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  • Or email us now.

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