First Home Buyer

Ready to take the first big step and buy your first home?
MONEY WAREHOUSE can help you!

Being a First Home Buyer is an exciting time. But it can also be one of the most confusing transactions in your life! It’s a time when everyone you meet – from a friend at a BBQ to your hairdresser – has advice on what you should do. But when you take this important step, make sure you have an expert on your side: Money Warehouse can help you take the important steps in getting your first home loan. 

The First Home Owner’s Grant is an exciting option for first home buyers.

We can help you find out how to qualify and what you need to do. The grant is open to anyone over the age of 18 who has never owned property before. Deposits are less than usually required for other home purchases, with the main requirement being a solid working situation. Let’s get together because it’s important to talk about what your deposit size can mean as far as repayments and borrowing capacity are concerned. The First Home Owner’s Grant opens up plenty of possibilities for you – and Money Warehouse will help you understand the loan process and get the best loan for you!

It may be your first home loan, but Money Warehouse has handled thousands - with great results.

Money Warehouse aim at PEACE OF MIND for you as a first home owner. We’ll look at your situation – income, deposit, existing debts, other factors – and find the best mortgage for you. We’ll also review loan-to-value ratios and how important they are. But first home loans aren’t just about the mortgage – and that’s where we will help you more. We’ll take you through the many steps to get you the keys to the home you want, we’ll:

  • Help you apply for the First Home Owner’s Grant – a great way to help you achieve the ‘great Australian dream’.
  • Make sure you qualify for available Stamp Duty Exemptions
  • Help arrange Building Inspections to make sure your home is a solid investment
  • Organise Strata Plan Searches to eliminate the chance of ‘hidden risks’ in owning the new property
  • Advise on mortgage insurance, solicitors, conveyancing, deposit options, property insurance… even with the selection of the property. Money Warehouse can let you know the things that need to be covered.
  • Talk about deposit options offered by Family Pledge – an increasingly popular option for couples that have a good income but little money for a deposit. If your parents are willing to gift equity to you for a deposit, it can get you into your home faster.  

With a long experience in home loans, we can find the best loan for you. Contact us or call on 1300 38 39 40 to organise a face to face meeting so we can get started. Then download the first home buyer’s checklist which details the documents and information you need to put together before we meet.

Set a firm foundation for this important step as a first home buyer: talk to Money Warehouse today!

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