Finance For Motor Vehicles

Find the best options for auto finance with Money Warehouse. You’ll discover car finance for private and commercial use – at the best rates and best terms. 

If you are looking to buy a car Money Warehouse can show you a range of finance options that are sure to suit you – no matter what your situation. You can get behind the wheel with a range of flexible and tailored car finance choices.

  • If you are self employed and use your car for your business, or looking to buy for a company fleet then take a look at Finance Licensing. This lease arrangement leaves ownership with the lender – giving you tax advantages while using the vehicles.
  • If you are buying a car for private use … looking to keep it for a long time … self employed and want a new car… then check out Hire Purchasing. This offers an enormous flexibility in up-front deposit or trade-ins, repayment levels for the outcome you want at the end of the lease and claims for depreciation and tax deductible payments.   
  • Looking to finance a car and are a smaller business owner or sole trader using the cash method of accounting? Just getting your business started and don’t want to commit available funds to a new car?  Want immediate GST benefits? Then let’s talk about Chattel Mortgages where you take the title of ownership at the time you buy a vehicle, with the lender taking a ‘lien’ or mortgage over it which is removed when you make the final payment.  
  • For maximum flexibility in company cars for both employers AND employees, Money Warehouse can show you a range of Novated Leases. The company car is made part of the salary package for an employee and the responsibility of the company … but reverts to the employee if they leave the company.
  • Looking for Consumer Financing so you can get behind the wheel fast? Money Warehouse can put you in touch with a range of lenders so you can secure your loan against the car you buy.

Not sure what finance is best for you?

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