Comparing a Mortgage Broker (Moneywarehouse) to an Individual Bank or Lender

When looking for a loan you have a lot of choices… so why not make a choice that gives you more options, greater flexibility – and gets you to your financial goals faster!

The most important choice you have is between a mortgage broker and a single lender! That’s why Money Warehouse is your best choice.

Choosing a Mortgage Broker gives you multiple loan options from a wide range of lending institutions. Money Warehouse provides this service on a daily basis, with no vested interest in using one lender over another. We simply look for what is best for you. Going to one lender means that you will only see the products that they have on hand or want to offer you – and they may not be the best fit. You might also find that a single lender will look to upsell you to products or additions that you don’t really need.

Choosing a good Mortgage Broker means that all the running around and searching is done for you. Money Warehouse has arranged thousands of loans and can find the products that are best for your situation. Choosing to find a single lender means a lot of running around by you – especially if you want options. Even then you might not even find the best loan with the best rates.  

Choosing a reputable Mortgage Broker such as Money Warehouse means that you receive personal service. So if something goes wrong with your loan or if you aren’t happy with the service you are receiving from your lender, we’ll know how to help you. If you are tied to one bank or lender as an individual and aren’t happy, it’s often difficult to get the satisfaction you want.

Choosing Money Warehouse as a mortgage broker means that you get so much more help that you would from a single lender. Ask yourself whether you can find a single bank or lender that will help you in these ways

  • Filling out the loan application and gathering documents and financials
  • Liasing with your accountants and advisors
  • Assisting you with First Home Owner Grants, stamp duty exemptions and other paperwork
  • Helping with reputable Conveyancers, Solicitors, Real Estate Agents
  • Advise on property selection and negotiations
  • Help with loan documents and settlement requirements
  • Assist with strata reports, building and pest inspections

Do you think you could search for and find a single lender that can deliver all that? THE CHOICE IS YOURS AND MONEY WAREHOUSE IS THE BEST CHOICE. We’ll be available to you at all times – with personal assistance and ongoing advice as you need it

  • Call on 1300 38 39 40
  • Or email us now.

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