SMSF Investment

Looking for better returns from your Superannuation? Sick of being tied down to ‘vanilla’ investment opportunities? Tired of your industry funds high fees and low returns?

Explore new investment options with a Self Managed Super Fund!

A Self Managed Super Fund gives you greater control over how your money is invested – and changes to superannuation legislation now means you can now use Your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) to invest in residential property!

  • If you already have a Self Managed Super Fund, this change gives you greater investment options
  • If you are in an industry or institutional super fund and want to manage your own money, then this new investment opportunity makes now the perfect time to start a SMSF and make the investments you want to make  

This is an exciting superannuation opportunity – and Money Warehouse can guide you every step of the way. Instead of having your super being tied up in slow moving investments, where fees can be the biggest growth number, you can free up your super funds for residential property investment. Here’s how it works:

Say you have $200,000 in a SMSF and have your eye on a property worth $500,000 as a good long term investment. You can use your SMSF to fund part of the purchase price, paying all relevant fees while the balance of the purchase price is borrowed from a lender. The super and loan funds are invested with a Security Trust, which purchases the property and ‘owns’ it. The Trust manages the property and can lease it for rent, taking care of related cost etc. The net income is paid into your SMSF and that – as well as other fund income or super contributions – covers the loan repayments. Once the property is paid off legal ownership reverts to your SMSF!

This is a sweet deal… leveraging your super for residential investment opportunities. This opportunity is available to anyone in Australia, whether you are self-employed, an employee or employer.

  • If you already have a SMSF Money Warehouse can show you how to use your fund to invest.
  • If you are in an industry or institutional fund and want to start your own SMSF then we can help you set it up, manage it – and make the residential property investments that are best for you.

There’s less risk!

The great thing about this SMSF investment is that even if there is a default on the loan, the lender only has recourse to the property and any assets offered by a guarantor – not to your super fund. 

Money Warehouse is excited about the opportunities that investing in residential property with your Self Managed Super Fund can give you. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Gives you a wider range of investment opportunities to consider with your SMSF
  • In linking with a lender and a Security Trust you have access to more funds that you can use effectively for your investments
  • There are many tax advantages
  • It makes your SMSF more flexible

Self Managed Super Funds put YOU in control of your superannuation investments. Talk to Money Warehouse today.

  • Call on 1300 38 39 40
  • Or email us now.

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