Hire Purchasing

Looking to buy a car for private use and looking for better finance options? Planning to keep your car for a long period and want savings because of that? Self employed and buying a car? Let Money Warehouse show you the advantages of Hire Purchasing.

If you are paying off your car there are ways to structure your finances so that you get advantages, not burdens. Finding a good Hire Purchase arrangement when buying a motor vehicle can put you in control now!

  • Make an up-front deposit or trade-in to reduce your rental installments. 
  • Set your payments so that the vehicle is fully paid out at the end of the term – with no ‘lump sum’ to finalise the lease.
  • Pay less each month and make a final payment for estimated value of the car at that time … like a Finance Lease residual. 

Hire Purchase gives you options in business such as claiming depreciation and taking advantage of interest payments being tax deductible.  If you need to pay GST, there are some additional advantages you can claim. The best thing about Hire Purchase is that the right structure can give you a financial edge – and at the end of the lease you will own the vehicle.

Why not ask us about Hire Purchasing today?

Money Warehouse can detail all the advantages of Hire Purchasing, putting you in touch with the best lender with the most competitive rates. As always, we keep in mind that financial arrangements are not a one off thing. They are ongoing. So we will look to find you the best financial partner we can for long term peace of mind.

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