Consumer Finance

Find the best finance option for buying a car – with Money Warehouse!

The simplest way to get into a new car is a flexible loan on the terms you choose! With a consumer finance loan secured against the car you buy you have all the options – with terms of up to 60 months and flexibility in the trade-in or deposit amount, as well as repayment frequency. Getting a new car should be easier – that’s why you should talk to Money Warehouse!  

We’ll find the best rates and a payment plan to meet your needs. Here’s what we can offer you:

  • Flexible loan terms and conditions
  • Options for reducing interest – with each passing day
  • Loans that mean you don’t have to spend the cash you’ve saved
  • Opportunities for early payment and release from the loan if you come into some spare cash

Money Warehouse can find the best Consumer Finance providers and a range of choices to suit you. The loan will have a ‘best fit’ for the term and repayment plan. If you need it we can look at giving you an over-the-phone approval so you can move fast. We’ll find a tailored loan solution that meets your needs.

The answers to your consumer loan needs are right here:

  • Call Money Warehouse on 1300 38 39 40
  • Or email us now.