Inventory Finance

Inventory Finance ensures you always have stock on hand - and no disappointed customers.

You know your business better than anyone else . You’ll know better than most when demand will come and when inventory needs to be at the right level. So why should you have to wait for accounts payable before you can take the right steps for your business? This is where you need inventory finance.

Inventory finance allows you to borrow in order to top up your inventory, ready to meet the demand of your customers. It gives you a perfect finance option to keep your business running smoothly.
Money Warehouse can show you finance options to borrow against your current and active purchase orders, or even against projected orders. It’s finance that frees up your cash flow and means you will have funds available to place and pay for orders before you receive payment from your customers. 

Here are the benefits of Inventory Finance:

  • It means you will always have cash available to cover running costs.
  • Allows growth opportunities to be pursued as they occur – not relying on customer payments.
  • Keeping your inventory at the right level avoids loss of business through orders not being fulfilled.

Money Warehouse can help you by reviewing your purchase order file and letting you know how much finance you can receive. We’ll then look for the best lender for you and the best rate: always mindful that these types of commercial loans often lead to long standing relationships between you the borrower and the lender. We can also review other loan options to make sure you are making the most of your business position.  

As with any loan, it is important with Business Finance to make sure that the circumstances and specific requirements of your Business is fully considered and understood. That’s the only way to determine the most appropriate and best financial package for you.

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