Construction Loans

Building a home? Expanding your business by constructing new premises? Talk to us about construction loans and what they can mean for you.

Whether you’re building for personal or commercial purposes Money Warehouse can give you access to a wide range of loan options. It doesn’t matter whether you are building a house, a block of flats, a major development of units, or even a hotel…  Money Warehouse can find you the ‘best fit’ loan solution.

Since 2003 we have been helping with construction loans and dealing with the special issues that can arise from changes in the building industry. We’ll give you options to stay flexible and achieve your goals.

Construction Loans can be tailored to your needs. It doesn’t matter whether you are:

  • Looking to build a new home
  • Moving forward by building an investment property
  • Making a capital investment for higher growth.
  • Planning a major project as a developer.

Money Warehouse can find the best loan and the best rates for you.

It’s not just about construction – it’s about making sure you are covered for any eventuality.
Things aren’t always going to go perfectly when you are building. So we have a number of options to make sure that things stay on track. These include Bridging Finance to strengthen your loan if you meet unexpected problems financing a new home. You can also look at more loan options in our Buying a House / Selling a House link.

We’ll help determine the size of the loan and what kind of finance works best for you, then find the best loan from our extensive range of established lenders. We’ll advise on suitable repayment options and conditions, as well as make sure you know the options available to you in case you need assistance during construction.

As with any loan, it is important with Business Finance to make sure that the circumstances and specific requirements of your Business is fully considered and understood. That’s the only way to determine the most appropriate and best financial package for you.

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